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VTAP Services

      as a modern IT company, we provide multi solutions for the different kind of companies and business, such as the digital business card (VTAP card), using the NFC and QR Code technology provide a huge area of ideas to provide and use to serve all business, we can combine the solutions with perfect ideas and provide it our clients in such a proper way with all corporative to reach the success for all sides.

          VTAP card is our main product, it's our amazing digital business card make our users in a big number of choices in how to be connected through by one touch.
- Quick Call 
- WhatsApp 
- Email 
- SMS 
- Navigate 
- Add to Contact 
- Websites 
- Social Network Accounts 
- Unlimited Share 
- Easy to Update 
- YouTube 
- QR Code 
- Card Holder Image 
- Company Logo 
- Companies Themes 
- Galary and Portfolio
- Special Card Design for the companies
- Different material such as (metal - wood - PV - acrylic - bracelet - tags)

and more.